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unbelievable well maybe not


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Mahoning Co.
The "new" GM probably isn't legally responsible for problems with "old" GM products. However it might become a huge PR problem for them.


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Sunbury, OH
The biggest issue the are going to have is that they were replacing them, and still were on Government contract vehicles.



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North Carolina
I haven't bought a new car since 87 and won't ever buy another new one.... I buy them when they're 4 or 5 years old and let others eat all the loss..... And buy the time I get them all those bugs are worked out... For the amount of money they're saving not doing it they'll lose twice as much in lack of customer service.... Too me it's a crock too pass the buck like that.... Hopefully the legal system will work it out too the favor of the customers...... time will tell....
Over 240k miles on my 95 K1500 4x4 suburban an I wont complain to much(MPG SUX)..But the fact there clearly trying to ""BAIL OUT"" of there obligations they had prior is BS..

Like grandpa said""She aint the prettiest..But she treats me pretty good:smiley_blink: