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Uneducated Law Enforcement


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Allen County
Watch yourself around Schoonover Lake, where the City Park Rangers are concerned. Today was the second time that I've been "run off" by a City Park Ranger, by an attempt to enforce the law.

This past winter, my brother and I had drilled a few holes (checking the ice thickness) and were setting up a portable ice shelter. A Park Ranger (lady) was telling us we had to leave, that there's no ice fishing allowed. When I asked why ice fishing wasn't allowed, all she said was it was against the rules. This kinda hit me wrong, as it was more like a "because I'm the mom" statement.

Anyway, long story short, I called the Chief Park Ranger on Monday morning and asked for clarification on the "rules" and recalled the incident with the lady Ranger. He appologized and said he would inform all of his Rangers, that Schoonover is a ODNR regulated body of water and ice fishing is legal and allowed.

Yesterday morning, I was doing some bowfishing and got stopped by another lady Ranger, that said bowfishing isn't allowed. Again, when I asked why, she said that it's not allowed in any of the city park ponds, nor the city reserviors. Well, all of these bodies of water have ODNR signs posted, which means you have to have a fishing license and they're under state regulations.

Just the same, I've made another call to the City Chief Park Ranger and am waiting for a return call to get this straightened out...again. If the city doesn't allow bow fishing, then they have to post it, to be legal. This pond is within the city limits, but is under ODNR regulations.

I'll post my findings, after I talk with the Chief Park Ranger.

Well, as that wasn't enough... This morning, my brother and I were on Fergeson Reservoir and there were GWs all over the place. As my brother was getting out of the water with his kayak, a GW asked if he'd caught anything and my brother held up his catch of the day...a 17" largemouth bass. The GW questioned the legal length of the fish. (there's no length minimum on this reservoir) As he was measuring it, my brother asked what is the minimum length and the GW said he'd have to check the regulations, but that's something you should know before you show a fish to a GW. :smiley_arrogant:

My brother said, "Isn't it your job to know the regulations, since you'd be the person citing someone, IF there's a violation?" The GW measured the fish and said, "Here! Nice fish, it's 17 inches long."...and the GW walked away, back to his spotting scope.

What an ass! I've never cared for GWs. I understand that they have a job to do and may see a lot of negetive stuff in their line of work, but a professonal attitude would be a refreshing thought. Just the same, it has always been my opinion that GWs think you're guilty of something as soon as you pull out of your driveway.

Here's my brother's largemouth bass. It was a personal best for him! :smiley_blink:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Bow fishing is fishing. Not hunting. And the bow falls under a fishing implement. Not a weapon. Your nicer than me... I would have told her to get out the pen and paper or the cuffs. And think real hard before she does either as violation of rights under color of law is a chargeable offense. Till then, shut the fuck up and leave me alone.
I've never had a problem with our game warden (Tim Stevens) here in Jefferson County. He's a real truthful and honest guy. He has approached me a few times while out dove hunting or waterfowl hunting. He has always been available to answer any questions for me. And if he doesn't know the answer to a question he has gotten back to me with an answer or referred me to someone who could answer the question. Any time he saw me in the field he never asked to see the licenses first, it was always "how is your season going?" or "How are they moving today?". It's unfortunate that he is retiring in the next couple years. Our new warden will probably be some young guy who wants to puff his chest and show his authority.


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Allen County
I'm glad to hear that your county GW is one of the good guys. Allen county used to have one and his name was Paul Kurfis. He'd shame you into doing the right thing, before he'd write you up. However, if you continued to deny and/or lie about what he knew to be the truth, you're gonna get a ticket...and you should.

The last I heard about Paul, he was in the counties closest to Lake Erie, being an Inspector. I'm sure he's doing well.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Hate to hear that, sadly that's the type of attitude that drives sportsmen away...

I know several years ago during deer gun season, we got checked 4 different times within 20 minutes, all in the same square mile. Two different deer drives, got checked going in and out of both sections. My dad was so pissed I don't think he has picked up a slug gun since then.