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Wake up!


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We got fuggin deers to kill! You only get 13 days a year to blast them, and very few with trackin snow. They can run, they can hide, but unless they learn to fly they're leaving track.


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Just got back in, dad saw the same buck i did last week, no shot available though. then he saw 12 does and was about to shoot the biggest one...till they spooked...his phone vibrated, sorry dad. I thought he was at the truck so i called him but he walked down to the bottom just to take a look. i felt kinda bad. Anyhow i saw 2 does and wouldve tooken one but couldnt get a comfortable shot. Be back out in the morn, gotta ref biddy league games this afternoon for basketball or i would be out tonight :tantrum:.


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NW Ohio
Kids are heading to the nursing home to sing Christmas carols with my parents and the church. I am checking in here, checking the winds, and deciding where to go right now. Think I am ground hunting it solo. Too bad my buddy was already in there this morning buggering it all up. He said he wanted to check out the tracks in the snow to make sure there weren't any trespassers. Oh well. His property. I might wait until tomorrow on that one and try a different one tonight.