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watcha doin?


*Supporting Member*
Crawford county
Yestaerday, I was headed up to maumee to do a little fishing. The buddy I usually go with couldnt go and I didnt know anyone else that was interested so I went by myself. As I was driving it occured to me that there would probably be other guys from this forum up there, but since I've only met a few of you face to face, I had no idea who any of you were or what you look like. It would have been nice to have someone to BS with while fishing and I thought "maybe I'll start a thread"

So... watcha doin?

anybody headed up to the maumee and would like a fishin buddy for the afternoon? when and where?

I need to take chelsea to an archery range pretty soon, anybody want to go along?

I wouldnt mind finding someone a little more familiar with turkey hunting to get some pointers from. maybe I could do some calling for someone.

between crappie fishing, mushroom hunting, catfishing, whitebass.... I'm gonna be pretty busy in the near future so if anybody wants to hook up for a fishing trip or a hunt or just a day odf scouting and target shooting, post it here.

be kinda nice to meet some others