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What did you do wrong...


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Sunbury, OH
The first day I always feel like a nemb. Making all kinds of racket getting to the stand, I ALWAYS forget something (my cellphone today), Or I find a lane I should have cut.

So how was your first day...Seasoned pro or rookie?



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Central Ohio
Besides not seeing any deer at the spot I chose for a morning hunt, all went well. I almost forgot my boots, but remembered them at the last minute. Hunting out of flip flops would have been interesting! :smiley_chinrub: I was a little bit slower getting ready, but I'll chalk that up to being the first hunt and knocking off some of the rust.

I hunted a Public spot I've killed a doe at on opening day once, and had good sightings at on other opening days too. Just nothing moving there today though.

Had a convoy of raccoons come though the woods about 6:00am or so. I just got up into the tree with my climber and was putting in my bow hanger. I heard some rustling of leaves getting closer so I stopped and waited to see what it was. At first I thought another hunter because of the amount of noise, but then I noticed the noise was spread out, and then the raccoon chatter started. I don't know how many there were, but I saw at least 3 scurry past the tree in the moonlight.


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Crawford county
I picked this spot. Havent seen a deer all day, the beans to my left just got cut last night. And now there are shotgun blasts a couple hundred yards north west of me. Probably squirrel hunters. On opening day of bow season, really!!!??? Oh well, I told myself I was going to sit this spot all day and i'm gonna do it! Just hope I dont get shot.


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I picked this spot. Havent seen a deer all day, the beans to my left just got cut last night. And now there are shotgun blasts a couple hundred yards north west of me. Probably squirrel hunters. On opening day of bow season, really!!!??? Oh well, I told myself I was going to sit this spot all day and i'm gonna do it! Just hope I dont get shot.
We had guys to the west of us banging squirrels today also. I have been hunting the hell out of the squirrels without hearing another close shot. I'm always amazed that it happens on the archery opener.


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Maumee, OH
I had a great opening morning hunt. I mentioned before I only have one stand, well that didn't get put up till a few weeks ago. I didn't have much time to do any recon on this property, but I knew there were a lot of deer in the area. Got in my stand a little after 6am, and was hearing a lot of movement around me after in the stand. saw rabbits and raccoons the first part of the morning, thought the one raccoon was going to climb up my tree for a bit there too, uneasy feeling. Then some weird looking birds that i had never seen before started flying around me, and one landed on my foot. I couldn't believe it. Then it was almost 10am, and I was getting ready to get out of the stand, already standing up, took another look around and spotted a small 6 point about 80 yards out. After watching him walk away, thought I would stick around a while longer, and sure enough 3 huge does came walking through about 10 minutes latter. They all passed at about 35 yards, but they were behind me, and never had a clean shot that direction. The wind was in my face, and they walked right behind me, thought I was going to get busted, but they never ran, just continued there slow walk. So all in all it was a great opening day for me, I know that there are deer using the area, they didn't wind me, and my scent smoked clothes didn't phase them. Planning to get back out Sunday night, but hope to see some dead deer pics for others.


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Everything went great for me yesterday morning. Got out of bed plenty early... got into my stand plenty early... quiet as a mouse setting up... ranged all my shooting lanes around me... and saw one deer. No blood was spilled, but it was a great day to be in the woods. I didn't hunt in the afternoon, though. Even though it was really nice outside, it still feels too damn hot to be hunting deer.


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NE Ohio
I took a job that works me 24 x 7 and has no respect for hunting seasons.
I'll only get to hunt during breaks every couple of weeks and only for a couple days...

I'm living through you guys...


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Somewhere OHIO
Went fairly well yesterday. The only thing I forgot was my cushion for my stand seat :(. I was still able to pull an all day sit but, next time I decide to do that I will for sure have my cushion lol.
Just got up in my stand tonight
Went to knock a arrow , looked to see what was making some noise
And cut my bow string part way through with the broad head

Got down and took my bow to a freinds house
He had me back up and shooting in no time

All ready for another try
But to late to head back out
So I headed home

First time I have done that
Hope it is the last time



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Hung my mobile setup and spent half the day sitting in a stand that was slanted to the right. Needless to say i think my left ass cheek is a little flatter than my right today. There wasn't a way to fix it because the tree had a slant. I couldn't put the stand on the side slanted back where i could lean back because it would be facing a ditch and not the corn.. plus my sticks were on that side.. So the only noob mistake i made was reading a tree wrong when i guessed my stick height.


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NW Ohio
1. Well, I hunted with the LW sticks/Millenium stand for the first time without practicing beforehand. That was a big mistake. Man was I clumsy and loud. Glad i went in midday.

2. Thought I could hold out from 2-8pm without food. Dang was my stomach talking to me.

3. Underestimated the winds. Overestimated the gloves I was wearing. Definitely wore the wrong pants. Basically, my head and feet were the only thing warm. That was stupid on my part. Sweating on the way in, shivering on the way out.

4. Changed my camera cards on the way in. Not really a mistake, but once I downloaded the images upon my return home I realized a mistake I made. Should have hunted opening morning. Dang again.
O god where do i start??..Still kinda being a newb.I didnt scout much..Then i did friday..Jumped a doe 50yrds from my back door..Cool so i set a blind in a wood line at 10pm friday.That does had been using give or take threw the summer.I know not the best idea.At about 1am wife told me to get to bed.She said she dont wanna here me bitch about time out in the woods when the season is over..I was in a stand that my neighbor has on his place By 6am on the opener..But it aint really in a SPOT..But there was a trail.So why not?Apparently the tree is to big around for my cheapo harness tree strap thingy..So I stayed anyways..Which i am kinda against.
A yote came in about 7:30 10yrds..We didnt even know each other was there .Till i saw him an reached for my bow.An POOF gone..5 min later another yote came in.This one had a limp..Downwind at about 20yrds an didnt even know i was there.I had no shot on either.It does make me feel confident about my scent control regiment..I called it quits at about 9:30am..Came home an shot 1/2dz arrows..Took a nap..an tryed to get to the blind stealthy for a evening hunt..Turns out I wore to much clothes..BAck to the house.To get a leafy bug suit.Its like 60 or 70yrds,,Neighbors was chainsawing an shootin guns..That always good!!..Had a doe RUNN by at 15yrds..That was it for opening day. I stayed up till 2am an wasnt planning a morning hunt.At 5:45am The wife had the kids ready to take to the sitters an her to work .She said get up an get ready..I said i aint goin with yall.She said NO YOUR GOING HUNTING....Now get up an get ready HOT SHOT...so i hit the blind with some coffee a 5hr energy shot an pop tarts..7:45Am the frigging neighbors are shooting guns.Did i miss a memo??..At this point i had to poo poo.So I called it quits an came home..Wanted to be in the stand b4 5pm for a evening hunt.Wife was running behind..I had to wait on her cause we share a cell phone... Because tree stands an cells go together. I had to wait..Especially since im going sans harness..So She is running late.Then the gun shots start up..WTF seriously??.At 5:45 pm she gets there..I am ready,showered, scent free and bow in hand at the front door..I get the phone.An get go the long way so i dont go by the bedding are i did friday..An i jump a doe in the least likely place i would a thought..My woods was a paint ball biz for short time.An there was a canopy thing with PVC pipe for the frame..Its been blown down etc for a few years..She was bedded in that..So. I give it a min..Head to the stand..Saw a few turkeys.Which is cool..Kinda new to me.I sit till about 8pm an call it done..My woods is alot of doe bedding less then 15 acres total..Im tryin to figure good routes etc still..Sorry for the novel.I hope some of ya get a giggle from it