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what did you get for christmas?


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NW Ohio
So far, my sister got me some pants and a coyote hunting video by Randy Anderson from my Cabelas gift wish list. My Dad was very thoughtful and bought me a box of packets of Hand warmers. Not on the list, and he doesn't hunt, so I thought this was a very thoughtful gift!

Tomorrow we will see what my wife got me. I was home when the UPS man dropped off a Cabelas box with her name on it. Oops. Even I was smart enough to ship her present to my parents house. haha Love her for it though! Like a kid on Christmas morning!


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Sunbury, OH
It's Christmas morning in Japan.

Hunting wise I didn't get anything, but the bow I bought earlier.

I did get a new pair of Wiley X sunglasses, some under armor work out shirts, and a cool set of bull horns.
I wanna see a pic of the bull horns :smiley_clap:

All I got was new tires :( My inlaws are horrible gift givers and they got us all wierd stuff (a freakin foot massager for me????). It is the thought that counts;) We have our Christmas as a family in the morning so we will see. I told my wife not to get me anything since I ended up with a new shotgun, mower, work/beater truck, plow for said mower, Kahr PM9, Smithy 3000, new tires for both of my vehicles, and a new holster in the last few months. Christmas with my parents/siblings tomorrow night.



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Somewhere OHIO
Just got back from the in-laws ( one set anyway) and the wife and I got combo gifts lmao.

$50 cash and a RightWay GPS system (the wife gets lost alot lmao)

They are prissy snooty asses and they decided 3-4 years they didn't like me anymore (because I didn't want to bow down and kiss ass and like their money being held over my head and do as they said anymore....pfft assholes. ) Those gifts where intended for the wife but to be polite in front of my kids they added my name to them lmao.

I know what the wife got me for tomorrow so shhh don't tell her :D. Long Johns !!! whoo hoo. Come on late season hunting :D.

My mother is picking me up a trailer wiring kit so I can hook up the trailer I purchased off Milo and haul it legally with brake/turn signal lights working lmao.

I'm not sure what the other set of in-laws got me yet. Will have to wait until Sunday after church for that :D.

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hocking county
Went to mother in laws on Christmas eve. Got some under armor, camo, cash, socks and a hat. I love my mother in law! I also got one of them heater buddy things from my mom. She gave it to me the night before the extra gun weekend so that I could use it in the blind when I took my son. It worked great.