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What's For Dinner?


Village idiot and local whore
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In a bar
lol, there is only two of us and we eat on the plainest el cheapo white paper plates that money can buy half the time. I was rather admiring you two's taste in Chinette.:LOL:
Whatever Sam’s club sells for the thicker ones. Nothing but the good stuff around here, that’s why I drink bud light. Quality and quantity! 🤣


Ragin Cajun.
Well my wife is a cheapo and buys what I call fajitas... the white flat fuckers. And she hates when I double them up. One day I went to sams w her and passed the paper plates and I grabbed a large stack of “useable paper plates”. We almost got a divorce in the store lol. Not really but I put my foot down that day. Hey I won once in 35 years. This is what we use now and she still insist in buying fucking fajitas plates.
Licking Co.
sous vide smoked baby back ribs. served on cheap white paper plates. ;)

sous vide baby back ribs.jpg

these are the very best ribs I've ever put on a plate, and by a wide margin. my pickles and ribs never turn out as good as I hope. finally, ribs I'm happy with. rubbed them, bagged them, 8 hours later they went into 160* water bath for 20 hours. chilled off completely, one hour in the smoker, then finished/glazed with home made BBQ sauce under the broiler. these are probably a little too tender to rate as competition quality ribs, but just the way I like them. falling off the bone tender, but not slimy, moist, but not greasy. paired with "southern" :p fried cabbage and Nancy's trial run of Easter bread. SON! I have pineapple upside down cake to look forward to for desert here in a bit.