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What's For Dinner?

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker
I had some fresh chanterelles that I needed to cook and I was wanting some soup. Cooked down the chanterelles and made a bisque out of them. I will definitely make it again.


Ragin Cajun.
Wow! What’s the limit on flounder down there? I’ve seen videos of a “jubilee“ that happens in Alabama and they walk along the shoreline gigging flounder and netting a washtub full of shrimp. Nice looking boat TOO. What kind is it?
12” at 10 a person. My boat is a 26’ avenger bay boat. Thanks. Yes jubilees happen all over. It caused from dissolved oxygen in the water column dropping to the sea floor when it’s calm and nip tide. It can also happen w bad water pushing them out of the water. Most times it’s bottom dwelling marine life


You know what!!!
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SW Ohio
Bro and I met up at moms for a few days of catching up and hanging out with her. We went to Dresden for supper at the Warehouse for Ron and I’s first time. The brother to the guy who owned and ran the Steak and Stein in Zanesville back in the day runs this place. Same onion rings and they are unbelievably good, very similar to the loaf that Damon’s rib joints had for appetizers. Then we headed to farm and onto Hocking Hills to hangout at our cousins lodge for a day and sleep over. There we grilled 1.5” ribbies from Beverly IGA that a friend and ex coworker who is still the butcher there since 1982-83 cut out for us. Fabulous cuts once again Dave, see you again during deer season. We also had fresh roasting ears mom picked up from Wittins on her to HH. Now I am back home with cell service to share a few photos of our tablefare.😎

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