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What's good TOO?


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Davie County, NC
Our Son and DIL came up for the weekend. The wife and I had the smoker going all day in preparation for their arrival. Pork butt and qua-so along with macaroni salad was on the menu.
The kids pulled in about 7 and got all unloaded. They brought their 2 dogs as well. So after the obligatory 5 minutes of dogs going berserk getting their pecking order figured out, we were back in the kitchen. Opened some adult beverages and were getting caught up. Yesterday was the wife’s bday and tomorrow’s our DIL’s bday.
A few minutes later our SIL called from Ohio. He wanted too see the end results of the pork butt and quaso. So he’s making small talk and just talking back and forth when the wife asked where our daughter was. She’s out shopping he said. About that time the front door opens and she comes walking in, too our house. To say we were shocked was an understatement. She said she was working this weekend and couldn’t make it down. Yeah, she lied 😂😂😂
Probably one of the best bday gifts the wife has had in years.... Both kids making the trip to be with her on her day....
Everyone is still in bed, I prepped the ribs for today and getting ready too put them on the smoker. Going too be a good day tater....
Enjoy your weekend folks!!!


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NW Ohio
Garrett began learning how to drive a stick shift tonight. Started in the field behind our barn with a parts truck. Graduated to the Jeep. Drove to church and cemetery for more practice. Shifting up to second gear and back down to first. Starting and stopping. Repeat. Then we drove to my Mom's. Other than the struggles of trying to start in third gear a couple times, he did pretty good. We survived. Curves, no power steering, no power brakes, and too much speed about made me crap myself once. . . .but we didn't die. Pretty good first go round.