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What's good TOO?


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North Central Ohio
Little miss Kenna Grace will be 4 in a month and she's my buddy. Kaydence is glued to her mom if she's around, but KG is almost always by my side. She spent 2 hours outside with me today feeding the animals, cleaning out the chicken coop, and doing chores. She even managed to catch a chicken all on her own and learned about "righty tighty, lefty loosey" while we aired up the four-wheeler tires.

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Too good, look at those smiles!


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NW Ohio
Keep doing what you're doing there pops. My 19yr old sat on the arm of my recliner with me tonight. Then our 16 year old son laid across both of us for about 5min. Thursday we drop her off to college. Not saying I "did it right" as sometimes you need a little luck to have nearly grown children who still give you a hug or sit on the recliner with you. What we both did was give our kids a lot of our time. Especially when they were little. That said. . .keep doing what you're doing. You're planting seeds to be harvested down the road, Jesse.


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Some friends put on a squirrel contest yesterday. What a blast! Rats didn't move very good yesterday. We had 17 teams register and 14 show up to weigh in. Kids and adults. Everyone sharing stories of the day and days past. Like the old days of deer gun season. Levi almost had biggest rat but was edged out. He wants his first mount done for his birthday. TOO good not to share.
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