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What's good TOO?


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Someone got hims drunk and he doesn't even know🤣
What’s paper engineering? and please dumb it down
It's basically taking anything paper related, from pulp wood to recyclable material, and creating a product for use. Whether it be simple paper, coated paper for water resistance, cardboard, etc.. The plant that is part of the university actually makes the thick water resistent paper used in cups at places like Starbucks, etc.. The basis is any product that can be made from fossil fuels and plastics can be replaced with paper based products. His study would be adding chemicals into the mix to make paper based products to replace those items.

To be in this major he gets an additional 20K in scholarship over 4 years. Out of the program they have 100% placement in internships from freshman years through graduation and 100% placement for the last 10 years in paper engineering jobs making $80K or more to start....right-out-of-college.

The Chemical Engineering degree would be a second Bachelor's degree and only require one more semester of classes past his 4 years. That was his original goal to obtain this degree but when we received the information on the Paper Engineering and were offered the additional $$ for scholarship it was a no-brainer in our opinion.


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NW Ohio
Sounds like my daughter was offered an internship position at the Chautauqua Daily in New York. She is a journalism and professional writing major. Loves music. Sounds like she will be covering a lot of music festivals and writing articles for the paper. I teased her and said the way she described the town makes it sound like the Yellow Springs of New York. She comes home from studying abroad May 24. Spending a week with her boyfriend and his family, then home to see us and watch her brother graduate HS.

Son is now registered for Rhodes State nursing program. He will be able to stay home and commute. Saves him a ton of money this way. Helps my wife navigate the empty nest a little easier if he is still living here.

Can't believe we got to this point so fast. It's crazy. I'm not that old. How did I end up with two adult children? (Son turns 18 this month too.) I've told you guys with young kids to try not to blink many times. I'll say it again: don't blink. 😀