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What's good TOO?


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Don't know where to put this and I really didn't care to start a new thread, but here are a couple of little ones just a few moments ago that I watched when I went to retrieve the mail from out of our mailbox.


They wanted to cross the road, but didn't. I've noticed ever since our road got repaved last year, the deer are more hesitate or reluctant in crossing the road during the day time for whatever reason. I suspect it's because the road looks much darker in color to them that what it used to be for a good number of years and may appear to look like water to them. Regardless though, the behavior displayed is quite consistent to what I have observed since the road got repaved late last summer.

Thought I'd share an observation regarding some of our local deer behavior.


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Keene, OH

I won a YETI 20 tumbler ~2011, wasn't sure they were really worth the price.... I used it 'alot' and in ways one expects a top of the line outdoor cooler to be used.

Today I puller the zipper and zipper slider body and teeth completely separated. I wasn't really sure of their warranty but submitted a on-line claim with this outcome on screen: A customer service rep will be back with you in 9-12 days from now.

I'm thinking okay mark the calendar etc and follow-up if nothing's heard.... Well blow me down with a feather if not an hour later (same time zone in TX as here - sent at 1730) they came back with t his email. I included clear pics with the warranty claim, including the one above.

From: YETI Customer Service <customerservice@yeti.com>
To: **@**.net <**@**.net>
Sent: Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 06:36:03 PM CDT
Subject: Warranty Claim: Soft Coolers -Hopper Zipper Issue

Hi R**,

Thanks for reaching out to us here at YETI! Wish you a very happy good evening. Hope you and your family are doing good.

We're sorry to see that you're having this issue with your Hopper. I can totally understand your concern that you are not happy that the zipper of your YETI Hopper has been broken. I wholeheartedly apologize for every inconvenience you faced in this concern. I can completely understand your disappointment in this matter. Please be assured, that I am here to assist you and sort out this for you with the best possible resolution.

To get you back into The Wild, we've approved your warranty claim. As a replacement, we are offering the Hopper M30 as the Hopper Two 20 has been retired.
The Hopper M30 is the same style and offers even more room for wherever your adventures take you. In addition, we've replaced the zipper with a magnetic strip that holds the cold in and keeps the heat out.

If you're interested in the M30, please let us know which color you'd prefer: Navy or Charcoal.
*Seasonal & Limited-Edition Colors are not available for Warranty

Please reply directly to this email to let us know which replacement color you prefer and we’ll set up your warranty exchange. Once you return your product to us, we will complete your exchange by sending the replacement product to you.

The YETI Outfitters
Sumit V
YETI Help Center

The speed and ease of this was refreshing.