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What's good TOO?

81 out perfect for a far


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My son Ben lives in California and he and his family were hiking a trail yesterday and saw this big snake. When they got home they looked it up and it was probably a gopher snake. Ben found a video of a gopher snake eating a mouse and Ivy's expression watching the video is hilarious
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Bull Snakes are out west and get very big as well and also share similar patterns.
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Went to a shooting range today and qualified for my NJ conceal carry permit. Never thought this would happen in NJ but after the Supreme Court ruling, we can now apply. It’s many steps and I’m just a couple away from submitting all of the paperwork…then the wait to see if I’m approved. The instructor told me that my shooting was “impeccable”. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous as the guy before me failed. All 9’s and 10’s with only a couple in the 8 ring.