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What's in your cup?


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Gonna have to make a booze run tomorrow... I'm out... Gonna get some Yukon Jack and a bottle of Krupnik ( Polish honey whiskey)...K
Quick story... Many years ago we were headed out for the first day of PA rifle season.. We were towing our camper up a mountain ( Mnt. Pisgah ) when the trans on the car blew and caught fire... Luckily we had a fire extinguisher handy and got it put out.. While we were surveying the situation a local farmer came by and hooked a chain to the car and towed it up the mountain,trailer and all...We offered him a few bucks but he refused and instead settled for a shot of Yukon Jack ( 100 proof )... Man he was like a kid in a candy shop... He couldn't put the bottle down... He got so F..ked up he stayed for dinner... We finished the bottle or should I say he did... We drove him home in another car we had... His last words that night were : You guys mind if I stop in for a drink tomorrow night??? Nope stop in... He never did... His son said the shit hit the fan that night when he finally staggered in as the wife had to do all the chores...


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Picked up a bottle of Old Forester 1920 “Prohibition Style” today. Just took my first sip. First thoughts... hmm, pretty good... yep, not bad... then, whoa that’s got some pep to it! I can definitely tell it’s higher octane than my go-to Woodford Reserve. Hopefully a little ice will tame it down a bit.