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What's in your cup?


Local whore
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In a bar
Why did you dad buy 1056 cans of beer? How in the hell does it all get drank before it goes bad ?
If he bought it warm, it'll last a long time in a basement. Bottles don't last as long because they let the sun in.

Math is less than 3 beers a day for a year. If he drank Friday and Saturday, it's 10 beers for each day. This really isn't a bunch of beer. I'd hate to in know how many 30 racks I've drank this year. More than 1🤣


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SW Ohio
Ready for a jaw dropper of a stash? This is in the lobby of the hotel we’re staying in. There’s cases upon cases of high dollar hard to find bottles everywhere! They locked it up prepandemic and it sits like this ever since. I’ll try and get better pics tomorrow but there’s a small fortune behind that glass.