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What's on your feet?


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I wear a pair of C.E. Schmidt Wellington's (non-steel toe) as my day to day shoe/boot. I'm on my second pair since 2006 and I love them. I paid $50 for my first pair and still have them four years later. My current pair is on year two and still look great after a nice coating of mink oil.


My other go to are 2009 Nike Air Max III's: http://www.nike-stores.com/nike-air-max-2009-iii-leather-p-34198.html

And yes, I do own a pair of black Crocs that I wear around the house!!! :smiley_coolpeace:


*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
Dress shoes, every day..sketchers...booorriinngggg

My hunting boots are Field and Streams

My shoes Are Nike Shox.....I love me some shox!! The crazier the colors the better....NEON Green and Black are my next pair..


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Sketchers. Yesterday was a pair of Justin Boots. The day before was Lacrosse Alpha Burley 1000 gram.... Tomorrow i think I'll wear my fur lined Eskimo hooker boots.


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Hudson, OH
Depends for me...

Every day work shoes are Kenneth Cole if a black pair is needed or Sketchers if brown pair is needed. For casual, I have a pair of Merrel winter mocs (wear a lot this time of year) or either Salomon trail running shoes or Nike Shox.

For the outdoors stuff, depending on weather/activity I have Vasque Sundowners, Irish Setter Gunflint, Field & Stream 1200 gram or Lacrosse AlphaBurly Sports Uninsulated.


Senior Member
Pair of Wolverine's, 8" I think? Comfortable as crap, I bought my first pair 3 years ago and wore them for a year of school and then they have withstood 2 summers of work, the first boots I own to do that! So I bought another pair and this will be their second school year of casual wear. I NEVER wear tennis shoes with jeans, or tennis shoes with shorts for that matter, unless I'm running or working out (translation, less than two hours a week!)

I've got a black and brown dress shoes, the later are some comfortable Dockers. I've got a pair of Bass Boat shoes that I love, wear those with shorts, and 2 pairs of Crocs.

Hunting boots are Cabela's 1000 gram rubbers.


The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
My everydays are 8" Red Wings, a couple pairs of Vans for summer, 1 pair of brown dress shoes I bought when I got married. For hunting I have Cabela's rubbers, Lacross Ice Kings for medium cold, and Lacross PFT's for extreme cold.


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NW Ohio Tundra
Red wing slip on boots for me today. For hunting I wear muck boots and for dicking around the house a pair of Nike air tennis shoes.


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
HA! Metrosexual eh?!? :smiley_clap:

I have my metro tendencies. I like to dress nice and a clean pair of white tennies are neccesary attire! I rolled to the bar in a Fox Racing jersey, torn jeans, and those Nikes the other night. That is straight comfortable! LOL!!! :smiley_coolpeace:

I was laughing the other night when we went out to do some Christmas shopping at the mall. I had my C.E. Schmidt's on with torn jeans, Realtree AP Under Armour fleece, and a grungy ass Muddy Outdoors hat on. I asked Tracie: "Is it wrong I consider Under Armour camo to be "fashionable"?!? LMAO! If I'm getting dressed up, it's gotta be my Under Armour camo!!! rotflmao


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I am in rare form today. I just came in from working outside. Shed the Rocky work boots. Rocky or Redwing generally cover the work category. Usually last me a year and are worn 6-7days a week for too many hours at a time. I am actually wearing some Adidas running shoes right now. Don't know the model but they were $40-45 and will last me 3-5yrs. I have a single pair of dress shoes that are worn 95% of the time and a black pair for my suit that have been worn about 3 times. Other dress shoes are my Justin Ropers. Haven't pulled out the cowboy boots in a long time, but they used to be my "go to" dress shoes before the Justin boots.

Life expectancy-
Work boots- 1 yr to 1.5yr
Tennis shoes/running shoes- 3-5yrs
Dress shoes-Never worn any out yet.


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I'm the hardest on my hunting boots. I wore out a pair of Larcrosse Burly Lites in less than a year. The hardest thing on boots are the foot pegs on my quad as they literally eat away at the bottom of the boots. I wore out boots on the quad before I wore out tires! LOL!