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When you Grow up...


*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
Done, I want to be done...I dont want to do crap, but hang out with the wife and kids, play golf, hunt and drink sone beer....No working. No moreworrying about where the money is going to come from to pay the next bill...Just livin...


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Central Ohio
I'm still trying to figure all that out.... everything that I want to be when I grow up doesn't seem to make enough money. In reality, I'll never grow up. :smiley_bril:


Super Moderator
Super Mod
North Central Ohio
When I grow up....
I want to do something in the hunting industry like I intended to do when I was 18. Life takes us down some unexpected roads and has some detours but I would love to get back into something related to hunting again.


*Supporting Member*
Well I plan on hitting the lotto and buying a small ranch in south Texas. I'm talking a few acres to hunt of my own with a decent house. No mansion, no expensive cars, none of that bullshit. Just me and the ole lady and a fat bank account so we can live comfortable.

I probably would get me a little better truck when i grow up! :smiley_adfundum:


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Shermans Dale, PA
When I retire I'm going to start a leasing/unguided outfitting/brothel business. I'm going to lease up 1,000's of acres of prime hunting land and lease it to out of state hunters on a weekly basis for almost double what I paid for it. I'm going to buy a sleazy hotel, or maybe a trailer park, and set up rooms for the hunters to stay in. The cost of the rooms will be very affordable and be with in a close driving distance to our hunting spots. We'll have maid service, with benefits, for those who choose the "red light" option. I just need to work out the human trafficking piece to get some girls here, but I'm sure that won't be a problem.