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Central Ohio
I knew it was coming today and got in line for it lol. 1 bottle limit per person. Wouldn’t have been possible under set normal circumstances as I would’ve been at work. Just call around and see when your locals get their deliveries. The new head of liquor control isn’t allowing stores to hold shipments for release at a certain time, they have to release stock upon arrival
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Crawford county
Says s lot... all these people standing in line to buy guns and ammo, toilet paper, hand sanitizer... and we're in line to buy bourbon.

I call my local spot every monday to find out if they've gotten anything I'm looking for.

Thanks for the well wishes for my wife's mom... we opened a bottle of redbreast 12 and toasted her life, and then another for my birthday. Between the 6 of us, we pretty much killed a $75 bottle, but it was worth it.