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Wildgame cameras


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Never was a big fan of their cameras but tried one of these the past year and for a cheap camera it has taken some of the best pictures i have had out of any of my other cameras with no issues.
Picked up a couple more for next season.
Ordered them off the walmart site on sale for $44 each. I figure if it goes bad i'm not out a couple hundred bucks but so far holding up well.



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Yup.... Everyone knocks them but we have had very good luck with them... Majority of cameras we have out in Illinois are Wildgames... Great pics, great battery life and they are out all year, sometimes 6 mos. at a clip before being checked...


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Southern Ohio

Best cheap cameras in my arsenal:

Excellent quality & shutter speed! None of the half of dozen that I use have failed, long battery life. One of them I have out all year around at the feeder.

I've been using that manufacture/brand now for at least the last three years. I have no reason to up grade to anything else at this time. I have hours of both excellent quality of videos & photos of all kinds of wildlife & an occasional human (stranger) in the areas that I hunt. I have security lock-boxes for each one of them too. The total cost for a security steel lock-box, padlock, batteries, SD card & camera is lest than $100.00 combined.

Last season, I limited my use of my trail cameras cause I wanted to try something different with regards to my hunting season approach, an experiment. I learned a lot with regards to our local deer herd behavior & the use of trail cameras. I will be using what I've learned/experienced and apply that knowledge when using trail cameras in the future, hoping for good results with regards to the more mature bucks sticking around longer. I'll see if it pays off or not during the coming 2020/21 deer season.



So, I agree that they are real good cameras and I have used other brands with less favorable results.
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I bought one for $25 at Walmart 2 summers ago when one of my others died. It's the only cam I've had out the last 2 seasons and it's been in the woods over a year. Good day/night pictures. Doesn't have delay adjustments or video but I never used it on other cams anyhow. I replaced the batteries w/ lithium's in March 2019 and checked last weekend and battery level is at 1/4 (will change this weekend).
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