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Winchester 101 single barrel 12ga Trap

Licking Co.
so my BIL wants to trade Dad's old trap gun for a 9mm pistol. Nancy's dad was an avid shooter and hunter. I've been told he had a collection of very nice rifles and shotguns, some of which I have now, but they are all broken/junk except for a Krag. BIL "inherited" all of Dads guns and sold all of the ones that were worth owning except this one, apparently. I suspect that he cannot sell it or it is worth next to nothing or something for him to come crawling to me for a trade. gun appears to be in excellent condition based on the photos, and I believe it is the entry level model. Do any of you scattergun gurus know anything about these? I would guess that it was manufactured before 1970.


*Supporting Member*
Mahoning Co.
I’m familiar with 101 O/Us but didn’t know they made a single barrel version. They were made in Japan, good guns for low volume shooters but weren’t up to high volume shooting. Good field or starter target guns. Browning BT99 from that era can be bought around $7-900. I’d guess this is a couple hundred below that. The longer the barrel (32” or longer) helps with price.