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Work Boot Recommendations


Staff member
Boots are hard to come by in this town and I'm leary of ordering online. I need to replace my Ariat slip ons that finally gave up the ghost. I think I'm ready for some lace ups and will go back to a safety toe after buying that new weedeater blade. Any Thorogood fans out there? How is the sizing if you have owned a pair? I like this pair, any maybe prefer a 6" over the 8" for hot weather.

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The reviews on the lace ups said the tongues were too big and awkward to get positioned comfortably and that's the truth. I tried on the 6" and 8" versions today and definitely disliked the tongue. They had this pair of Wellingtons on sale at our local uniform supply store. Steel toes, comfortable, on sale, bought locally, and American made, so they check all the boxes expect being waterproof. I'll lather them up with the appropriate waterproofing material to help fight off the moisture, but I'm pleased so far. Just put 2 hours of chainsaw/farm chores on them and I'm not disappointed.


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I have both the 57s and the wellingtons i use to switch every week as they wear different. I find myself wearing the wellingtons a lot more now tho. Not sure if they are more comfortable or easy to put on hungover in the morning lol. I have had both over a year and still like new minus some scuffs. Waterproofing I have found hard and they can be cold in the winter outside. I work at a water plant doing maintenance so I put them to the test. We get a new pair every year in April. Haven’t figured out what I want this year but I would highly recommend either of those boots.