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WTF Trail Cam Photos 2022


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Constitution Ohio
The backyard is overrun with flying squirrels.


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This is a head scratcher. The wife comes waking me up at 3 am stating there's some guy walking around over at my neighbors house as she's walking her stupid dog one last time. He shined a flashlight at her as he was coming down from the edge of the woods & told her that he was the son of my neighbor. Scared the crap out her. This is the neighbor who doesn't actually live there & where I have one of my popups to hunt. The neighbor knows I have cams watching & so I called her to make sure she was aware. She was still awake & laughed & proceeded to tell me she knew that he would be there, but thought it was odd as well . She told him my cams would see him & I would know, since I help keep an eye on the place. For whatever goofy reason , he's out at 3 am picking up sticks !! She herself is hardly ever at the house & this fucker comes out of nowhere after all these years ! I can hear him breaking up branches as I type this .

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