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you ever have one of those days?

Made it into the stand all smoked up 20yds from a trail and between a group of does bedding and morning feeding area. Got up in the stand dropped my bag! !!....couldn't find my release....made all kinds of noise...hope this day turns out better... sittin all day!!!.....oh yea its a beautiful morning....just seems like some thing should die!!
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Lol...swear to god... .juvenile just getting his white head...,eatting a roadkill doe. At first I thought it was a turkey buzzard. But once I had the binos on him, I was like damn that thing.is huge and then noticed the brown head and black and white wings. This thing was huge bigger than a fat thanksgiving turkey...,that was pretty neat...he tore that dead deer up pretty good.


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Tree Monkey,
I know what you're talking about, bro! :smiley_depressive:

A guy I know was telling me about how bad he knew his day was going to go.
He said he'd had an orgasim that was so violent, he fell off of the toilet and hit his head on the bath tub....and it was an hour before someone found him, laying in the floor. :smiley_crocodile:

Yep...that was a bad day. :smiley_armscrossed:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57