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  1. moundhill

    Turkey Competition?

    Are we having one? I'm ready to start talking some trash again lol :smiley_coolpeace:
  2. matt hougan

    Predator hunting competition

    A freind and I are in the infancy stages of organizing a predator hunting competition as a fund raising effort for Heart of the Outdoors Ministry, in Mainville, Ohio. We are looking at next February, one day hunt. Two man teams. Meet at a eatery on a Friday night so we can go over the rules...
  3. huntn2

    Official 2011 - 2012 TOO Deer Competition

    TOO Deer Competition Rules General Rules: A minimum of 50 posts are required to participate Teams will be randomly drawn 9/12/2011 A hunter may submit a total of 3 deer in the contest but only 1 may be antlered All deer harvested during legal seasons "In" and "Out-of-State" count but...
  4. huntn2

    TOO Turkey Competition Leaderboard

    All, I will use this thread to post the leaderboard throughout the season. Good luck and safe hunting to everyone. Below is the leaderboard at the conclusion of youth weekend. If you took a youth, please post the appropriate picture and information in the Harvest Thread if you haven't...
  5. Huckleberry Finn

    TOO Turkey Competition Harvest Thread

    Please post your harvest pictures here! Simply follow the example below and post your measurements. Our numbers whiz (huntn2) will be calculating the competition scores and keeping the running team scores. Sample Example of Harvest Pictures Harvest Shot [There is no need to make a sign...
  6. Huckleberry Finn

    Official 2011 TOO Turkey Competition

    TOO Turkey Competition Rules Team Selection Teams will be randomly drawn on April 10th at midnight. The 3-man team with the highest score wins a $25 Cabela’s giftcard. The Buddy Rule "Bonus Bird" – If you are hunting with another member from TOO who is on a different team, and together...
  7. R

    Turkey Competition Signup

    Alright, we have gotten enough interest in this, let's try it... If you are interested in participating, please reply to this thread. Those of you that already expressed interest, please sign up so that we do not have any confusion! We will be doing a basic 2-man team format. The rules...
  8. R

    Turkey Competition?

    Are we doing a Spring Turkey competition, or just starting a harvested turkey thread?? Thoughts?
  9. Ohiosam

    Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

  10. TripleA88

    Any competition pool players?

    I have been playing 8-ball pool consistently for close to 7 years basically in my buddies basement and playing a veteran of 30 years of experience. I've gotten to the point where he doesnt run the table on me unless he breaks first then sinks all his object balls without me having a turn. Other...