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Any competition pool players?


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I have been playing 8-ball pool consistently for close to 7 years basically in my buddies basement and playing a veteran of 30 years of experience. I've gotten to the point where he doesnt run the table on me unless he breaks first then sinks all his object balls without me having a turn. Other than that I can give him a good game. I might win 3 of the 10 times haha, but this dude has played dozens of tournaments in Cincinnati. At times walking out with a grand or more.

So I recently took my skills to public and started playing Tuesdays at a few local bars. Every where I go I see competition sign ups. Any competitive pool players and whats your experience been with tournaments? Anyone ever won a good cash pay out? Im aware I could get my ass handed to me but I would like to see where I fit in competitively.


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NW Ohio
Beener nailed it. Play like you are just having fun. In every competitive sport I have ever been in I have found myself performing worse if I amp myself up for the competition. Take my motorcycle racing for example. I could go out all fired up and wear myself out or make stupid mistakes because of the adrenaline. Many times when I slowed down a little bit and rode like I was trail riding I would actually do better. I think it sounds like you would do pretty decent, but don't psych yourself out just because it is a "competition". Just play and have fun.


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Sunbury, OH
9 ball is where its at if your playing for dollars. Takes it to a whole new level

Don't forget the leagues. Most money people play in regular leagues and that is a good way to judge yourself. Once in a league you will get more out of it than anything else. Most leagues have a handicap or play levels.



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I suck! LOL!!! But I love to play. I have a groove around 3 beers that rides up to 6-7 beers where I have flashes of being able to play. I've beat some people I shouldn't have in that time frame. I think 2-3 beers loosens me up to the point I just let my natural ability flow, but I get distracted again after 6-7 beers. I do the same thing on the golf course. If I can maintain a 3 beer quality "buzz", I play lights out. But go past that and shit gets ugly!!!


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I like to play pool, but not nearly enough to be real good.........like Jesse said it takes a few beers to get the skill level up to it's highest.

Ping Pong however, I will take anybody on at that......lol


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I tested the beer theory out last night to see where I play best. Im around 3 to 4 as well.

I burnt myself out on pong years ago. Ping pong can be waaaayyyy to competitive at times. I remember beating a mouthy kid back in highschool, he got pissed and smacked the ping pong ball straight to my face, purposely. I lost my temper, and went over and bitch slapped him. Shit talk continued the whole way back to the locker room, and we were close to a throw down. Luckily we didnt, but I look back and realize how hysterical that moment was. Ping pong can be fun too but it can spiral down hill real quick and shit can get pretty intense. lmao

Pools a gentlemens game.


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Ping pong can be fun too but it can spiral down hill real quick and shit can get pretty intense. lmao

Pools a gentlemens game.
Thats hilarious. I was at this bar in northern california last summer that had two ping pong tables set up outside. There was three different times people had to be physically separated. Not a good game to have at the local watering hole. :smiley_crocodile:


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I've played in the APA league since 1995. I'm a 5 handicap in 8 ball and in 9 ball.
I've played in 60+ tournaments over the years. My best pool memory was a 64th place at a national pool tourney in Vegas a few years ago. I placed in the money.

I spend my time now teaching my kids how to play.

Rack em up....let's see what you got.


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Why am I getting dragged into this. Go ahead, you seem to enjoy the story SO much. :D
LMAO!!! Well Jesse?!? I personally used to be decent at pool and won several local pool tournies at several bars in the SE part of the state. Played some straight pool but mostly 9-ball. Haven't shot much in years but thats one game you never lose your knowledge but it just takes sometime of serious shooting to get the rust knocked back off. I agree with the others though, give it a shot and have fun with it! Goodluck!