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  1. 0

    what county do you hunt ?

    just wondering if what counties every one hunts i personally hunt morrow county and delaware and knox counties
  2. M

    Lima Oh. Allan County Fairgrounds

    The Coon Dog Trails are at the Allan County Fairgrounds this weekend. Friday-Sunday. The whole Fairgrounds is one large Flea Market and is a one whole day affair. Probaly 50-60 gun dealers set up. Maybe more. I'll be setup in the SE main building up front.
  3. F

    1st shed - Logan county

    First time shed hunter and we found the shed from the buck my son missed back in October 25 yards from our ground blind. Measured one side with a raw score of 70" and it had a nice spread maybe guessing 20" so....there's a pretty nice buck out there still
  4. Archertl

    FOR SALE Free Fire Wood In Frankin County

    We have had a number of trees that were blown down last year. We have cut a lot them up but there are still lots of trees that are down and not cut up. There are probably about 5 truck loads of maple ash and oak that my dad and I cut up. The pieces range from 12-24 inch diameter. There is plenty...
  5. S

    Hi from clinton county

    Hello my name is Dusty Chambliss , I live to hunt, trap , and fish. I raise my own chickens and pigs,grow a big garden , I pretty much live off what I grow and kill the way it should be. I am involved in the Ohio State Trappers Association I have been a District Director for 2 years. I headed...
  6. Monster Raxx

    Buffalo County Wisconsin

    Here are some pics from an outfitter in Buffalo County Wisconsin that uses Monster Raxx :)
  7. T

    Hog hunting near scioto county

    Hey guys I was wondering if there was any good hog hunting around scioto county, i am very interested in bagging me some hogs
  8. Ohiosam

    Geauga county mom goes after Obama

    FORGERY-GATE Obama's Social Security Number challenged Exclusive: Jack Cashill reports on woman's court filing based on myriad anomalies Published: 8 hours ago by Jack Cashill If Barack Obama has an immediate eligibility problem, it is more likely to derive from the Social Security...
  9. Bowhunter57

    Allen County Archers 2012 Schedule

    Here's the 3D shoot schedule for Allen County Archers 2012. March 3 & 4 March 31 & April 1 May 5 & 6 June 2 & 3 June 30 & July 1 August 4 & 5 September 1 & 2 Adults $10 Youth $5 Cubs Free Registration 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sundays. All...
  10. L

    Miami county, Troy area

    Anybody forum dwellers from this area?
  11. T

    Perry County?

    I Have recently been Invited out to Perry County to hunt deer this fall. I have seached the forums to see what was being said about hunting in this county, but have found very little. I will be hunting private and public areas. Was wondering If anyone on here hunts the county and If you think it...
  12. brock ratcliff

    Ross County

    They are having a shoot this Sunday. I may try to make it. Anyone else?
  13. P

    New to TOO. Hello from Montgomery County!

    I am new to the forum and TOO. I live outside Brookville in Montgomery County. I enjoy most all things outdoors. I love bow hunting, and shoot most everything for deer legal in Ohio except a handgun and am working on that. I enjoy coon hunting, and have a registered bluetick and plott. They...
  14. R

    Hello From Monroe County!

    New guy here from monroe county Ohio! Glad to be a part! Cant wait for the 3D shoots to start!
  15. Bowhunter57

    Canton County Officer: Dan Harless - Fired

    http://www.wkyc.com/news/article/224514/45/Canton--Officer-Dan-Harless-fired It's about time that law enforcement officers, of this nature, get held to the same standard as any other citizen. :smiley_boos: I'm sure he'll find another job...as long as it's not in law enforcement...
  16. bowhunter1023

    Washington County Poacher

    Thanks to a heads up from Ohiosam last week, I was able to catch wind of a serious poaching ring here in Washington County via a thread created on OS. The OP of the thread stated they had found 15 dead bucks with the racks removed this fall and even went as far as to say who he believed the...
  17. xbowguy

    Licking County Tresspassers

    The guys are probably looking for my sheds I'd say........... The girls are probably looking for Huck........ Hunting close to a housing addition has it's drawbacks... Every bordering house is about to have a sign posted in their backyard!
  18. L

    Muskingum county hunting Newbie

    Hi all, Me an a cpl of buddies are heading up to muskingum county in two weeks to try our luck at the 2 day gun season. We aquired permits for the aep land to hunt. I just would like to know if any of you guys hunted the land before and any tips on where to hunt would be wonders, We are...
  19. saddlepants

    Sandhill Cranes, Morrow County

    Is anyone else seeing them? I have see a Trio for the last two years. They fly from west to east over the quarry at sundown. I have seen them nearly every time I hunt fly over my blind. I saw them again Monday eve (gun opener) and convinced they fly over this spot every night since that night I...
  20. "J"

    Nice one taken in Carrol County

    Taken in Carrol County by a guy from Salineville....