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  1. moundhill

    Tree Lounge for Dad?

    I'm wanting to get my dad back into hunting this year, and I've stumbled upon a Tree Lounge for sale for a great price..the thing is though, I know he would hate using it as a climber every time out. I'm wondering if I could buy this for him and he could use it as a hang on, and just put up some...
  2. xbowguy

    Good Lookin' Out Dad!

    Employee : Sir, you called me? Boss : Yeah, go to the rest room and masturbate. Employee : (After few mins), done sir Boss : Do it again. Employee : Done again, sir. Boss : Do it once more Employee : Now I don't have stamina for it, sir. Boss : Very good, here are my car keys, drop my daughter...
  3. hickslawns

    Hanging stands with my Dad, the non-hunter

    Called to get some help hanging 2 stands. It is my foreman's anniversary so he was out. My hunting buddy was in a fishing tournament with another one of our buddies. The guys that hunt the neighboring property I keep good communication with and we try to help each other out. They were...
  4. Kaiser878

    Leo is a dad AGAIN! For the second time this year!

    Pups were born last night! I dont have any photos yet. Will soon! 7 total, 3 girls 4 boys! All chocolate litter once again! We are plagued by chocolates apparently. ha Dont want to take any business from Ryans litter though. Obviously these wont be ready for 2 months!
  5. huntn2

    Ruger is a Dad

    Ruger just became a Dad. First pup out is a black female. Just thought I would share with yall.
  6. matt hougan

    Proud Dad

    Today was the first meet for my youngest. Meet Zach, hes nine and this was the begining of his fourth year in the Springboro peewee wrestling program. He went 3-0 out scoring his opponents 22-5 and one pin. Zach attack....
  7. jagermeister

    Gift Ideas for Dad

    My brother and I were planning on splitting a Remote-Control module for a MOJO duck decoy (spinning-wing decoy for waterfowl hunting) as a Christmas gift for my dad. Well a couple days ago, my dad and stepmom went shopping at Bass Pro Shops and he bought himself a Christmas gift... Yep, you...
  8. Alphamax10

    Doubled with my Dad for my first deer.

    Hey guys, love all the stories so I thought I would share mine. I was 13 years old when I shot my first deer. It was opening day of Pennsylvania and I was pumped just to get into the woods with my father. Some of my best childhood memories were waiting up to hear my dad's stories when he would...
  9. Schu72

    Being a dad is cool...

    My son asked for a bow for his 8th birthday. I was thrilled. I picked up a Diamond Nuclear Ice. He seems really excited.
  10. Mao

    Dad put a nice one down tonight 12/29

    I just got in from a great evening. My dad finally connected on a buck. He has had rough couple years and I am so happy to see him end up getting a good buck. He definately put the time in. I was fortunate enough to be with him and capture everything on video. It was awesome! He made a great 20...
  11. Fluteman

    Newer Bow for my Dad

    I'm looking into purchasing a newer used bow for my Dad here in a month or so and was wondering if you all could help with some recommendations. He has only ever owned two compounds in my life, the first being a Darton that is older than I am, and his current bow is a 10+ year old Golden Eagle...