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Dad put a nice one down tonight 12/29


Coshocton, OH
I just got in from a great evening. My dad finally connected on a buck. He has had rough couple years and I am so happy to see him end up getting a good buck. He definately put the time in. I was fortunate enough to be with him and capture everything on video. It was awesome! He made a great 20 yard shot on this buck after I believe he had us pegged and was ready to bolt. He left quite a blood trail and it wasn't much of a tracking job. He was pretty wide having a 19 in. spread. He also had two eye guards that were around an inch long making him an 11 pointer. What a great hunt!!!!


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I love it! Can't get much better than filming your Dad killing a nice bow buck in the late season! Memories you will never lose. Congrats to both of you!