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  1. M

    Buckmaster free hunt contest

    I made a mistake and signed up for a free deer hunting trip contest with Buckmasters yesterday. I've received 4 phone calls in the last 25 hrs. I told them to take me off their damn list. What a pain in the rear end. Be nice if the next call I get is to tell me I won. Yea right. Not going to...
  2. Hedgelj

    Who wants to hunt hogs with me?

    http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2013/09/24/wild-hogs-roam-streets-scare-people-near-atlanta/ They dont' have to trap them I'm sure we can shoot them if they will give us room and board..... :)
  3. M

    Frank's Hunt Journal

    3-12-13 Bought a 3 pt. disk today. I decided to put in a food plot for the 1st time. 5-1 Spread fertilizer today. 5-14 Sprayed Roundup weed killer on food plot. 5-28 Sprayed Roundup weed killer again. 5-29 I bought a 5 ft. 3 pt. roto tiller today. 5-30 Disked and roto tilled 2 ac. Due to...
  4. bowhunter1023

    The TOO Live Hunt and Recap Thread: 2013 Edition

    Won't be long until this thread is blowing up! :smiley_clap:
  5. 0

    what county do you hunt ?

    just wondering if what counties every one hunts i personally hunt morrow county and delaware and knox counties
  6. Rutin

    Sarges first hunt.....

    Went out last night to scout/hunt a field without the pup. Took a popup blind and my bow (always wanted to shoot geese with my bow). Well we had about a 100 birds in a 1.5 acres sweet corn field but the closest bird was 62 yards. With 10 mins of hunting left I figured I would try my luck with a...
  7. 0

    ready to hunt

    new to the site ready for the season to open
  8. Riverdude

    Silencers are legal in TX to Hunt!

    Was over hanging out with the Company Man here on the Rig that is from Texas. We typically talk about deer hunting, guns and such. Last night we were BS'n and he told me that now in Texas it is legal to hunt using silencers! WOW, not sure what to think about that one other then "Leave it to...
  9. bowhunter1023

    The Hunt for Captain Jack

    The Prelude I wanted to start a thread to keep track of one particular portion of my season and that is the continued quest for a deer called Captain Jack. Some of you know the story of Deuce and how following that series of events, I swore off hunting one particular deer. That entire saga...

    How many ladies here hunt and do you prefer gun or bow

    I was just wondering how many of us girls are on this site that hunt?
  11. finelyshedded

    Getting my girls ready for their first hunt

    Whelp, I just got my cantilever barrel delivered this afternoon and got it nearly complete. Just got to install the plug and help them sight it in. Went to BassPro this past Sunday and bought them this Remington 20 gauge 870 Expree Compact with the camo stock with a Leo VX1 7x32 and 5 boxes...
  12. beaston

    Most Controlled Hunt Results Available.

    To check the status of your lottery application(s), complete the following instructions: Visit www.wildohio.com Click “Wild Ohio Customer Center" Click “Manage Your Customer Account" Click “Start Now” Choose A Search Method Select “Customer Account Number and Date of birth” Enter your Customer...
  13. Jackalope

    The Hunt Specialists and Lusk Outdoors Land Management Bootcamp.

    Many of you know Dave Lusk, owner and operator of Southern Ohio Outfitters, from this forum and other en devours. Dave recently spoke about his upcoming Boot Camp and we felt this was something worth passing on to all of you here at TOO. Dave guides his clients each year after some truly awesome...
  14. Johnch

    Waterfowl hunting .........Hunt with me

    OK As I will be off work for another 6 months at least I figure I could throw this out I am a member of a huntclub We have a marsh and upland hunting But here is the offer I could take 1 person .....a parent and kid is OK also out hunting for ducks Your cost ...NOT 1 Red Cent , unless...
  15. Mao

    FOR SALE Hoyt Vectrix Ready to Hunt Package

    Selling for a buddy a real nice ready to hunt package. Just in time to get dialed in for bow season. Hoyt Vectrix in great condition in Realtree Hardwoods Camo. 60# and I believe a 28" draw. It comes loaded with: Apex 5 Pin dovetail sight, Wisker Biscuit rest, Modular stabilizer and wrist...
  16. Rutin

    Late season hunt?

    I know this is super early to ask but I've seen a lot more interest in waterfowlers on this site over the past year. I think it would be nice to put some faces with names. I've got several fields this year that are corn that ALWAYS produce good numbers of geese late season. Who would be...
  17. bowhunter1023

    Hunt Specialist Boot Camp

    To read the announcement on this, click here: TOO Hunt Specialist Boot Camp Announcement.
  18. Big_Holla

    Son's first hunt & first turkey!!

    Thought I'd share this with you all, even though it's from Michigan. We had hoped to make it down to Ohio but time just wasn't on our side. My 8 year old son Allen decided he wanted to give hunting a try this year. All winter long he said he wanted to go turkey hunting so once we got his...
  19. P

    Bear swap hunt

    Hi! Offering a great bear hunt in Quebec for a party of two. Nice cabin provided, I’ve been hunting bears for 40 years. I’m not shooting bears less than 300 pounds so the quality is there. No restrictions on bear size for you.Controlled hunting zone.Tree stands are provided or you can...
  20. Monster Raxx

    Show from my North Dakota Hunt

    Since they played this episode on the Sportsman Channel last week I can post it here now for anyone that wants to watch it. http://vimeo.com/60520169