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  1. Bigslam51

    Killshot camera mount

    I really want to film myself harvesting a deer this year and I don't have the cash to buy a fancy camera arm. This thing replaces the stab and it holds a video camera on a platform. I tested it the other day and my only complaint is that it makes my bow heavy as hell up front. Have you guys ever...
  2. "J"

    Buddies Mount

    Pulled cards today with a buddy who hooked me up last year after a dismal start of my season.... Dave took me too a spot that was always one of his favorites but due too the location it was hard too hunt as the winds circled and he'd get busted a lot.... Well using the scent smoker changed that...
  3. Ridge Runner

    Camera mount for bow

    Not sure if i'm posting in the right spot. If not please move it. I picked up a Go Pro this spring and was wondering if anyone knows how to mount it to a bow? If so what seems to be the preferred to mount it.
  4. Mike

    Mike's 2012 Buck mount

    I am very pleased with how it turned out. The back plate that I made from ash bark from the woods where he was taken turned out great. This is my first mount and my wife was pretty overwhelmed with it's size.
  5. xbowguy

    ZJ's 2013 Deer Mount

    ZJ got his deer back and I think it turned out good. I do know he is sure glad to have it back home!
  6. HeritageAndy

    Finished My 2012 Buck Mount

    I completed my mount last night : fleshed out skull boiled bleached with 40volume developer from Sally Beauty Supply borax old fence boards from my buddy backyard jig saw shape of Ohio burned edges Done!!
  7. Bowhunter57

    Turkey Fan Mount is back!

    I got a call from Dave Bailey, my taxidermist and he said that my turkey fan mount was ready to be picked up. :smiley_bril: Mine was the 3rd turkey to be turned in to him, in Allen county and it was shot on the 24th of April. Pretty quick service...and good quality too. :smiley_blink: Only $115...
  8. Kaiser878

    2011 deer mount finally home!

    I picked up my deer from this past deer season yesterday...Overall I am pretty happy with it.
  9. Kaiser878

    Post up your mount collections

    Was thinking about this earlier after I had a friend mention it to me that frequents both websites.. Lets see everybody's mounts of all kinds..... Deer: Ducks and geese: Just got this Rossi back last week.
  10. Gern186

    Fox mount is home

    Just got this back last week. I spent the extra cash and got the stump to go along with it....
  11. Got One

    My 2011 mount

    Shot Nov 21st got mount back yesterday. Had it done a little differant, slightly looking up.
  12. finelyshedded

    My 2011 deer "Split" mount and more

    Here is my 2011 deer mount "Split" with my 1995 deer "Quads" over our fireplace. We green scored Split right at 158" gross(total horn with the Split added) and Quads my 1995 bowkill grossed 154". Split by himself: These two other bowkills I took down and replaced with...
  13. cynergyone

    2011 mount back

    Got my mount back Christmas Eve, just in time to hang it in the living room for the holidays. I used a new taxidermist this year. His name is Jamie Rice and I must say he did a damn fine job.
  14. Buckslayer

    My 2011 Buck Mount

    Got my mount back today just in time for xmas. Best gift I can get myself. I love the early season hide on this deer. Best looking mount I have.
  15. Wildlife

    Deer Mount

    Just received my 2010 deer mount and I'm pretty pleased in how it turned out. 16pt. Non-Typical @ 40yrds. 19" Inside Spread Dressed Out: 230lbs. Net Score: 174 2/8 Taken: 10/24/10 6:40pm
  16. finelyshedded

    My 2011 deer "Split" mount

    My buddy went to Derry Nulls to pick up his deer yesterday and he took a few pics of my deer for me and sent them to me. The mount is still drying and will be done for pick up in a few more weeks. I went with a pose that I've never had done before and I'm glad I went with it. I usually go with a...
  17. RUT NUT

    RUT NUT'S 2011 Mount

    Well I got to take some better pics today of my 2011 mount. I can not say enough about Derry Null Taxidermy! He will have my business as long as he's doing it. A great guy and one heck of a taxidermist. You can tell he pours his heart and soul into every piece he does. His quick turn around time...
  18. epe

    Good low end video camera mount?

    I have been kicking the idea around of trying to videotape my hunts in one of the spots I hunt. It is a Y tree, so the camera mount would be in the tree beside me, close to me, if that makes a difference. Anyone have any suggestions?
  19. finelyshedded

    My yote mount is ready! Yippe!!!

    I just got notified by the taxi who is doing my yote that it can be picked up this weekend or anytime afterwards. He posted it in his gallery so I took a pic and wanted to share it with y'all. It looks like he did a great job from this angle. Here it is:
  20. 5Cent

    2010 10pt Mount

    Finally got him back and the office squared away. I had a local guy do the work and I'm happy with it for the price. I do not think I'll go with another "ears back" agressive look though.