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  1. W

    New to the site

    Hello to all im from wva and love to hunt whitetails , found the site and decided to join good luck to all this fall
  2. O

    New to this site

    Avid bow hunter aka offtheground that is now offtground. Don't ask! Will be chiming in from time to time. Cant wait until Sept 28. Just want to say good luck to all this year and be safe.
  3. MQ1-Z7

    New to the site

    Just joined the site hi everyone.
  4. Blackbeard

    Not new but newly dedicated to this site

    Hey everybody, I've been registered here since May 2012 shortly after Jesse and others started the site. I registered here after Jesse invited me to check it out way back then. I haven't ever posted much on here because I just didn't have time for two sites since I spent a lot of time (over...
  5. Big_Holla

    Mineral Site Updates - May 2013

    Our mineral site there in Ohio we call the Old Saw, simply because it has the remnants of an old sawmill from many years ago there. Here we used Monster RAXX and it sure didn't disappoint. Thought for sure I'd see the birth of a couple fawns after getting to these doe pictures! Man they're...
  6. Ricer2231

    New guy to the site

    Hello to all. I am new to the site and just wanted to say hey and pass on a little info about myself. I live in southeastern Ohio and have deer hunted all my life. I don't shotgun hunt anymore due to the fact that I dearly love bow humting and just don't get much out of gun hunting anymore. I...
  7. A

    great site

    I just wanna say this is a great site! I am on several other sites, and I am about to blow up on the one. I cant take it anymore, but this site is great!
  8. Monster Raxx

    New to the site

    I was told about this site by Dave Lusk owner of Southern Ohio Outfitters and thought I would check it out. I live in MN now, but lived in Strongsville when I was younger.
  9. jagermeister

    Trespassers will be shot on site

    Unfortunately for this old guy, he didn't get the memo that my food plot is a Woodchuck-Free Zone. One down, two more to go. He didn't feel a thing...
  10. M

    New to the site I wanted to introduce myself

    A buddy of mine was talking to hickslawn up at the fair grounds in Lima. He told me about this site. Looks very nice I hope I will fit in and help out where I can. By the way my name is Mike
  11. buckbuster217

    hunting weather site

    Found a pretty good site for hunting related weather, its called scoutlookweather, you can look at your hunting area using aerial maps (just like google earth), mark your stand locations and then click on scent cone and will will show wind direction and a scent cone for that stand, you can look...
  12. 1hornwilly

    Great site I found for arrow knowledge...

    Some of it's over my head, but I found most of this "carbon arrow University" pretty helpful. I'm still learning, but this kind of thing really helps for me. Maybe it'll help some of you too???? http://www.huntersfriend.com/carbon_arrows/hunting_arrows_selection_guide_chapter_1.htm
  13. RedCloud

    Fresh mineral site

    I think tomorrow I am going to go and freshen up my mineral site and get it ready for the next few months. I went and purchased another bag of trace and another stock salt skipping the phosphate this run since it isn't really needed until late winter early spring. I will also be replacing the...
  14. Boone

    What site do you use to manage you fantasty football league?

    Are any of you in a league? What site do you use to run your league? I manage the league I am in and have been using the CBS sportsline site, but it is getting expensive. I think it's $150 or $160 now for a league and have been looking at the yahoo and espn sites. The CBS works great and has...
  15. 1hornwilly

    This site makes me laugh till I cry everytime.

    I normally don't post crap like this, but regardless of what I feel like, if I spend 5 minutes on this site reading these entries that are posted all day...I end up laughing until my face locks up and tears stream down my cheeks. You may have seen it, but if you haven't it's worth it. If...
  16. badger

    Odd Nesting Site

    If I were this robin, I think I could have found a safer nesting site. I doubt if this nest is more than three feet off the ground. I'll be keeping the old Crossman ready for the neighbors cats. :smiley_cowboy:
  17. RedCloud

    The mineral site

    I went to take a look at my site I set up about a month ago and was pleased to see they are hitting it fairly well. I haven't applied the method Jesse talked about yet but this seems to work ok for now. What I did was get a mineral block at my local farm co-op and smashed a little over half of...
  18. Curran

    Twireman - Welcome to the site

    Hey there Twireman, good to see ya! Welcome to the site, enjoy. :smiley_cheers:
  19. RedCloud

    Site Crash

    I got the DB error a few minutes ago. WTH is goin on around here lmao.
  20. Jackalope

    Site Migration. Please Read...

    . I have decided to leave the site up through the migration this evening... At 5PM this evening or a little before, you will see the following message scrolling at the top of the page... Kind of self-explanatory... I just thought it might be a better idea If you guys can use the site and...