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  1. K

    ol Brows update...

    last pics b for season..hope the next pic is with me in the back ground...
  2. Big H

    Block Update

    I went back this morning and took a look at the block I put out last night. I tried a different block this time (Big & J). I is almost half gone and rounded! I took a pic with my phone, but I guess our server is still F'd up at work. I will hopefully post the pic tonight or tomorrow. I will...
  3. bowhunter1023

    Man Room Update

    Finally thought to snap a few pictures of the man room now that I hung the new buck. Got to thinking and I don't think I ever posted pics of my goose or my turkey once they came home. Lots of great memories here and that is why I love taxidermy. With any luck, I'll need a bigger man room soon! I...
  4. matt hougan

    An update on the new job

    I thought I would post an update on my new job. Some may remember I was hired as a territory rep for Pradco Outdoor Brands back in February. Since then I have traveling all over Ohio and W Pa. Meeting customers etc. I can't imagine how things could be better. My territory is up nearly 30% and I...
  5. Rutin

    Sarge update:

    He is now 7 months old and beginning FF. Hes been worked from a blind several times, off docks, beg. FF, and still a family dog.
  6. U


    well as most of ya know i was diagnosed with lukemia on march 14th and was really close to not being here to write this thread , and ive been in west penn hospital ever since undergoing chemo the week of the 14th . well we got the 2nd biopsy results back and my bone marrow is cancer free which...
  7. CJD3

    Dannman Update

    I spoke with Dan this evening. As mentioned before he has filled his bucket again this year with a shot gun harvested Buck. He is still hunting but has switched over to his smoke pole to put the smack-down on a doe. He is not in a good area for internet but looks forward to posting his story (s)...
  8. Rutin

    KY Update again so freakin close

    Well I hunted last fri/sat since I didnt feel like working and saw a few deer but nothing special. I didnt have access to a four wheeler on saturday evening to be able to climb this mountain to get up to my number 1 stand, so I hunted behind the preachers barn in the woods. I saw several does...
  9. Rutin

    KY update

    Well I could only hunt Saturday and Sunday since there were to many people off at my firehouse... Go figure today is PERFECT conditions. Saturday was in the 100+ degrees and yesterday we sat in a monsoon just holding onto the tree hahaha. Were got a little worried at first bc our target buck...
  10. jagermeister

    Food plot update - Brassicas

    Went down to check on my food plots and pull memory cards yesterday. Unfortunately, the brassicas are not doing well at all. To say that I was disappointed would be a gross understatement. The new plot behind the barn has virtually nothing growing and the other one isn't much better. We've...
  11. Jackalope

    IR-6 Firmware update.

    . Just a heads up because i know we have something like 26 IR-6 cams out there. SpyPoint has a firmware update on their site for it. V2.1. It was Released back in mid June so you may want to check and see if your has the update. To do so follow the below instruction. If you need to update...
  12. ohio mossy oak

    Elbow/Target panic update

    Elbows feels better just to let everyone know.Gonna give it another week I think an then start shootin/blank bail at 50 to 52lbs..Thanks for all the advice everyone
  13. Huckleberry Finn

    Turkey Season Live Update

    Post your live updates from the field or daily reports on this thread! 172 hours until the season starts! :pickle:
  14. Schu72

    Made the right move...BBD (update story and more pics)

    Here's what happened. After a lot of internal debate (see where to hunt thread), I decided to stay north and hunt Geauga County rather than head south and hunt Belmont. I'm not a fan of hunting deep snow and we have a bunch up here, so I truly had little confidence that anything exciting would...