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Man Room Update


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Finally thought to snap a few pictures of the man room now that I hung the new buck. Got to thinking and I don't think I ever posted pics of my goose or my turkey once they came home. Lots of great memories here and that is why I love taxidermy. With any luck, I'll need a bigger man room soon! I also have two wood ducks, the first retrieves my dog ever made and the first ones I ever killed on my own, in the freezer. Still not sure how to get those done, but they'll need wall space for sure. Not much of that left!

A look from the door. Left to right is my 2004 shotgun buck. 200 pounds dressed, 136 gross, 6.5 years old. First buck I killed that I had pictures of and my first mature buck. 2012 bow buck. 215 pounds dressed, 139 gross, 6.5 years old. Killed on the day we had our baby shower and my best buck. 2008 bow buck. 200 pounds dressed, 6.5 years old. (I had all the jaw bones pulled and paid for examination.) My first mature buck with a bow. This deer carries 41" of mass and has H3 measurements totaling almost 12".

Another look at my 2004 buck. December 1st kill. Very clean coat and one hoss of a deer to be 200 dressed after the rut. This picture I have of him in October he looks like a prime choice beef cow!

The best angle of my 2012 buck. The taxidermy on this buck is another notch above the other two deer on my wall. Very happy with how he turned out. Looking at him from underneath, you can really tell how that right side killed his score. Totally different caliber of deer had he matched. But I could care less at the end of the day. Still happy as hell with him!

Another look at the 2012 buck and the 2008 buck.

My first ever duck taken on my first hunt and my first turkey. Killed it on the family farm.

Another look at the turkey. I was not happy with the base and plan to redo it at some point. 21 pounds, 11" beard, 1" and 7/8" spurs.

Banded blue snow goose I killed on the first day of the hunt in Missouri. We called it in from the field and we shocked to see how old it was. 16 years old when shot; banded at 3 in British Columbia, Canada. I was told to consider it on par with killed a 200" deer. A special moment I will never forget!