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2010 Mount


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Just got him back this evening. The taxi scored him at 151 gross. Didn't do a net because I had a 30 minute drive home and the game was starting. He has alot of deductions though. 13 scoreable points. 17 1/2 inside spread. 25" right main beam. 23" left main beam.

The reason for the third pic is to show the 1 1/2" point sticking out of it's forehead. I would've loved to see this buck in one more year, but no way I could pass on him. It's my best so far!

When the lady at the check in station put the metal tag on I wasn't even thinking about the location. I may snip it off and tape it to the back or something.



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Thats sweet cotty. Just tell ppl that the bases were too big and he had too much mass for the tag to go on the base.

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Looks like Brian did a great job on that one, cotty! That mount turned out awesome. Were you pretty happy with the service from Knight's?