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2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)


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Good news this morning from their doctor. Mom’s condition did not deteriorate any further during the night. She is on 5 lt of oxygen. As long as she does not require more, they will remain in the same room. The fact that she remained stable is fantastic! Dads numbers are about the same as yesterday. He still has a high temp but his lungs have not gotten any worse so that’s a definite positive. We are hoping they have gone as far as they will and will now start improving.
Awesome brock! Hopefully they have rounded the curve and it's all recovery from here.

brock ratcliff

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Conditions change day to day with Mom. She has been moved to another room to receive high flow O2. She is now up to 8lt of O2. We are hoping her lungs will begin to recover soon.
Dad is about the same. No real reportable change in his condition over the last several days. His nurse said he misses his wife. Aside from that, he’s about the same at last report.