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2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)


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As everyone begins to send their kids back to to school with renewed mask mandates in classrooms I want to remind everyone to trust the science.

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Shapiro said today that San Francisco’s last 7 day rolling death rate was 0 out of a population of about 10 million and they’re pushing for or already have a mask mandate for everyone. Thought that was interesting.🤔
I just listened to his podcast show again and I messed up the total population total for San Francisco bigtime. It’s around 900,000 NOT 10 million but the rest of info was correct. Sorry to Ben and TOO.
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On the day that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis insisted that Florida’s hospitals are still open for routine business, two hospital chains suspended some elective surgeries in Tampa Bay and announced restrictions on hospital visits as their COVID-19 admissions reached record levels.

BayCare is limiting patient visits to one masked visitor a day and suspended elective surgeries at six of its Hillsborough County hospitals as its number of COVID-19 admissions topped more than 800 patients Wednesday. That’s well above the previous peak of 702 in July 2020 when no vaccines had been approved.

“This week we have reached a grim milestone: Our 14 acute care hospitals have more COVID-19 patients than any other time since the pandemic began,” said spokeswoman Lisa Razler.


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I really do not care to continue to participate in this thread, however sometimes it is very difficult not to pass along what I consider good information, regardless if anyone takes heed to it or not. I just believe it is the right thing to do on my part and I can only hope that everyone here does do their own do diligence in trying to weed through all the muck out there to seek what little truth may be available, for the best interests for you and your loved ones, obviously.

With that said, Dr. Byram Bridle is another person that leaves me with the impression that he is trying to sound off the alarm bells with backed scientifically proven peer reviewed study journals, with supporting data regarding the spike protein within the current mRNA vaccines that are being practically forced upon the American general public.

I attached just a couple of the articles but, there is far more information that is out there regarding what the kind doctor who cares to inform the general public about, and I found what he had to share was beyond interesting.


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