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2019 Turkey Season

Central Ohio
Well I guess it’s official, bought my Kentucky license and tag today. This’ll be my first out of state hunt. We’re heading out Friday afternoon and camping the weekend. Planning on hunting all day Saturday and Sunday morning before heading back. Saturday weather looks about perfect, Sunday not so much. Hopefully we can get a Sunday morning hunt in before the rain gets bad. Either way, I haven’t been this excited to hunt in a long time and Friday afternoon can’t get here soon enough!


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knox county ohio
Cleaning put the garage tonight and they are gobbling across the road. Has me fired up. Savannah said she wants to hunt him this weekend but im saving that spot for myself. Season needs to be in already.

Hunter II

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Ran the feeder up until 2 weeks ago to try to encourage the hens to nest close. It appears to have worked and these guys have been hanging around too. Should be able to get on one tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

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SE Ohio
Wayne National.
5:45. Got into woods this morning. Heard one gobbling from the road. Walked about .6 mile in. Set up and it quit gobbling.
Went up another finger ridge and heard gobbling where we were previously.
Went back and set up again. Had Tom come in out of range on a shelf across ravine. And hen come in about 10 yards. She was calling back to us before we saw here. No kill with my boys today, but a good day for turkeys talking on public land.