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2021 Sheds

I laughed at a hunting dog for doing that, then some years later I found out that newer fences send pulses and not continuous voltage for myself!
Trust me shaking things does nothing for dissipating the shock one receives. That was in the 70's by the way...
We talked a neighbor boy into doing it back when I was younger. Was our fence for cattle and it was like a double dog dare kinda thing LMAO!!
My boys under a microscope be like;


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Licking Co. Ohio
Walked a few or more miles today on places I’ve found a few on earlier hoping to match a few up and came up empty. Was surprised to see a few freshly opened up scrapes on the two properties I walked today. Only took one pic but both props are only a mile apart. Here’s the pic that took.View attachment 124754

We found 2 fresh scrapes along the power line today as well.
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Licking Co. Ohio
I officially got hut out this year. I have never found a pile of them in a year, but I was getting pretty consistent at anywhere from 6-8. I thought I'd find a lot this year. Damn!

Like you guys I did find a bunch of fresh scrapes on my last walk.
Guy told me one time "If you are not finding any, totally change the direction and or pattern that you would normally take" Basicly...If you're tired of what your getting, quit doing what your doing! I go into the thicket at all different directions/angles almost every time I hunt the farm.
I went mushroom hunting with my neighbor and his 2 sons
They know I shed hunt and I kept telling them to look because they could find a shed
On the way out I spotted one about 50 yards out in a field. Pointed it out and asked them if that was a shed. The raise was on it was fun to watch!
We found a few mushrooms also, a great day in the woods


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Licking Co.
I went to my other deer hunting spot to look for pheasant backs and oyster mushrooms today. There are an abundance of morels there, but I am forbidden from picking them. I saw enough nice yellows to fill a large skillet, but kept my promise not to poach them. I did find a boatload of pheasant backs, some the size of dinner plates, that were too old. Finally did find a couple good ones, and enough oysters to make enough to cook with dinner. And I found another matching set of sheds plus a dink.
Found today walking a piece of permission refilling my mineral. Huge base!!


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