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2022-2023 Goals Thread


Staff member
Roughly the same as past years in that I want to hunt as much as I can (when the conditions are right), I want to do it safely, I want to kill a big one, and I want the girls to help re-fill the freezer. I'm going to get off my ass and make a few more public land hunts in October this year as well. I've got a couple spots I haven't seen since locating them a few years ago and I'd like to mix it up and see some new ground this fall. My wife's new schedule and my ability to flex time means I'll be able to hunt almost any evening the weather allows for it, so no excuse not to mix it up a little.


Active Member
Between losing another hunting property, Amish gaining permission into the last place I can hunt , and getting a surprise possible divorce brought up last week... My only goal is to at least get out one time not see a hat and beard sitting in my stand and enjoy the day in the stand whether I see anything or not. Signed up for the park lottery so maybe I'll get lucky on that as well that'd be cool.