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2022-2023 Goals Thread


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North Carolina
Between losing another hunting property, Amish gaining permission into the last place I can hunt , and getting a surprise possible divorce brought up last week... My only goal is to at least get out one time not see a hat and beard sitting in my stand and enjoy the day in the stand whether I see anything or not. Signed up for the park lottery so maybe I'll get lucky on that as well that'd be cool.
Damn, sorry too hear that! You need some good days in the stand!


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SW Ohio
Today I added another weapon to my arsenal to help me in my ground attack when I’m not hunting from a tree stand. I’ve wanted a ghillie suit for quite awhile and today I finally pulled the trigger. Here is a pic of the one I ordered. Color is desert(hoping it blends better after leaves turn and drop and late winter.
Good article:


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Good article:

After retirement, I realized that I can spend every hour of the hunting season on stand….last year I was burned out by early January but still forced myself to hunt every day all the way through the end of the season…I hated it. I had the feeling that I was letting myself down by not going but realized that I need to hunt when I want to and not feel obligated to go every single day. When I was younger, I would hunt every chance I would get but always had work to force myself to take breaks from hunting. I need to find some way to regulate how many days per week I hunt in order to avoid burning out again. Good article Chuck.👍


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Keene, OH
Moderation is everything George - Good stuff with both your and Big Holla's posts above.
Want to make deer hunting not fun? Let outside opinions influence your hunting.

Hmmmm, 22-23.

With the first grandchild on the way, I'm gonna try to get my son and DIL up to hunt for meat during one of the gun seasons / both work FT. If we can drop 3-4 deer, no restrictions other than no small bucks, spike or forks, we can fill their freezer in a 3 day weekend for the year. That would be great and 'may' start an annual family hunting thing. Nothing could make me happier as it would realize the blood, sweat and investment I've made in the farm since I took it over 9 years ago.
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