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2022-2023 Goals Thread


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Good article:

Perfectly put!
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Good article:

Finally… a mainstream hunting celebrity finally admitted to it. Good for Mark Kenyon. I have a ton of respect for that guy. I’ve been saying it for years… the Internet, the obsession with big bucks, the addiction to acquiring new gear… these things are ruining deer hunting and ruining hunters! Wake up people! Enjoy the hunt for what it is, not for what it could/should be.

My goals are about the same as every year: Put anywhere from 2-4 deer in my freezer, locate some mature bucks and try to outsmart one of them, have FUN doing it, return home safely to my family after every hunt, and most importantly… thank God for the opportunity he gives me each and every time I’m experiencing the magic of the great outdoors. It would be a bonus to kill my first buck on my home farm this year. But I’d take a public land bruiser just the same. I just love the chase.