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2023 shrooms!


Portage Co.
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I see these a lot in our little patch of woods. Took a snapshot of them moments ago as I was picking up some of the buckeyes. I do not know what they are and I usually leave this kind of stuff for my better half because she's far more into it than myself. I just encounter them, take a photo, show them to her and she can decide if she wants to go grab them or not. I try to stay out of our woods as much as possible over the past few years this time of the year and when I do make my way into them, I do try to get the most out of it.

We seem to have a super year with regards to all the other wildlife vegetation, including all the trees that produce either seedpods or nuts.
Everything that we lookout for within our woods and harvest each year has done exceptionally well this year. The wife completed her annual soap making the other day from all the natural ingratiates produced right here on the property. It's all the soap that I use for personal hygiene and I've been using it ever since we moved to this place, well over (8) eight years ago, and it been one of the best things for me from a health standpoint. I have sensitive skin and the wife's soap has been nothing but a blessing in so many ways. It's good stuff!
Wow, that's a lot of soap. I admire her skills! What do you use the buckeyes for?
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Ross County, Ohio
Wow, that's a lot of soap. I admire her skills! What do you use the buckeyes for?

I appreciate the kind comment, thanks!

If I get to them before the deer, she usually uses them for crafts mainly, but she does all kinds of cool stuff with them, such as making jewelry.

Not this specific piece, but as a quick example of what she likes to do. She's a busybody too!


That's one of my old guitar strings in the middle and whatever wood she found around here. So yeah, she pretty talented. I definitely married up 😂

If interested in any of the specifics, I'd be happy to put you in touch with her directly. I just help her out whenever she needs it, which is very seldom. She's fairly independent and self resilient, much like myself.
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