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Anything but the stupid virus

brock ratcliff

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I’m tired of reading about it for the moment. It has not been a negative to me personally yet, but it seems it will soon enough. In the meantime, been having fun...
Mason has become a really good archer over the last several years. He’s pushed me back into the game a bit, and he’s been beating me by a few points for some time now. He caused me to get more serious with it and I think I’m almost back to where I was 20 years ago. I had to go back to shooting an index and alter my overall form from what I’ve been doing to back to what I used to do... and that includes using an index release. Hinge, or back tensions as some call them, just aren’t for me. I shoot better by commanding the shot. Some can’t do it without falling apart, I’m the opposite.
Anyway, here a backyard javelina that I shot at 75 yards. I told Mason I was just going to put all three in the 11. He laughed. I only got two of the three in... lol.
Might as well get out and shoot, look for turkeys and mushrooms, catch some fish. Enjoy the downtime while we can!


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Boat is still looking great, Chad. Nice work. I can appreciate how much effort goes into prepping the big fiberglass boats. My dad is getting a new canvas cover made for his right now and is hoping to drop her in the water soon. Maybe if our schedules allow we can get together for a trip this summer.

I've been wanting to get my recurve out and do some shooting. But my back yard is so ridiculously wet right now. It's just not worth it.


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Davie County, NC
Good thread Brock!!!
spent the morning cleaning up the boat. Washed, waxed and detailed. My son and a few buddies are coming in Thursday and we’re hitting lake Norman Friday and the weekend. Hanging out at the compound and drinking some beers and smoking some pork....
my son and one of the guys have already been with me on Norman and my buddy Shawn is coming as we’ve fished Norman together for the last 4 years.
Looking forward too some water therapy and catching some bass on the lake. Hopefully the fish will cooperate and give us some phot ops.... Weather down here has been beautiful this week and expecting the same for later next week as well.
@Clay Showalter glad too see y’all getting together and enjoying the place. Just a small part of things too come for both you and the Mrs.... 👍🏼


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Licking Co.
Gern, that is a fine looking rig. I miss eating walleye. I'm going to have to try to hire you to take me fishing one of these days.

Brock, that is some dang good shooting. braced a bow myself this afternoon for the first time in about a month. started pouring just when I was getting into it, but it was nice to put some wood in the air.

indeed, life goes on. I spent the morning trying to get my damn weed whacker running. got it started, but could not keep it running. just like I left it last October. :LOL: rounded up my dull saw chains and noticed my bar was friggin' hit. how it got that bad without me noticing before now is beyond me, but it went to the trash today after 19 years of service. original bar that was on the saw when I bought it. I dropped off my trimmer for repair, chains for sharpening, and bought a new bar at the local mom and pop Stihl dealer on my way to my place to look for sheds. no bones today, as usual. made a kick ass dinner for two. did anyone hear something about some virus or something?


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Nw oh
I've come to the conclusion side work is just about not worth missing all the fun shit I see posted every weekend on here......I deer hunted rut and a bit a of gun season but wildlife put in more hrs in 3 days than I did the whole season. Before that it was side job! since Christmas - side job! I need to get back to fun shit in my life on weekends....