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Bad Week For Releases.

I lost my Stan Shootoff while stalking through some thick cover this weekend. I'm still really upset about that. Then I found out my back up release a TRU Ball Pro Diamond Extreme caliper wont open when i press the trigger. The combination of which ruined my chance at getting a bear this weekend.
I dug my Scott Silverhorn out once we got back on base. I shot it a few times at the range. The Scott is a very nice wrist release. I really hope TRU Ball gets my release fixed and shipped back soon. Tru ball has always had really good CS.
I just cant believe I lost my stan...:smiley_blackeye:
On a happy note my buddy and I did successfully stalk a bear. He got a solid hit on a 200 lb male and it went down after 70 yards. It was really cool hunt to be apart of.


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I think I would vomit uncontrollably if I lost my shootoff.......

Sorry to hear the shitty news, man.