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  1. Big_Holla

    Hard week for the family!

    Boy what a week. Made it down to Ohio last Friday and met Milo along the way to have him help tune my bow. Had plans to do some shooting and stand prepping but at the same time I had my sick aunt to visit while down. Well she passed away Saturday afternoon. It was somewhat expected and she is...
  2. Monster Raxx

    8/20 pics from last week

    Here are some of the latest pics from this week.
  3. Boone

    Hail storm last week

    Ohio has been getting its share of wicked storms lately. We had a wicked hailstorm last week that hit our house with golfball sized hail. My garden is toast and my trees lost about 20% of their leaves. The west side of the house has about 200 holes in the vinyl siding. It looks like we got...
  4. Monster Raxx

    If you could pick any week?

    If you had to pick your favorite 7 days to be on stand what dates would you choose?
  5. Riverdude

    Oil Feild Appreciation Week.

  6. Milo

    Big week for the Supreme Court

    Obama care is up for argument. Cant wait to read some of the arguments. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/supreme-court-health-care-reform-case-expect-094452929.html
  7. Tree Monkey

    Nat geo big cat week !!!

    Not sure who else has been watching this but I have been hooked all week. Awesome documentary and action shots and story lines. A big cat is so majestic and powerful!
  8. xbowguy

    Bonus Gun Week

    I have a couple items here that you may want to pass around....They were gotten for a friend of ours who just COULD NOT get a deer! Something seemed to Always go wrong.....Even in the good spots! They've been floating around here for about 15 years. Exibit A is to be hung off the gun barrel...
  9. "J"

    Gun Week so far

    Well it's been a fun week too say the least.... Haven't pulled the trigger yet on a deer but have had fun none the less..... My son's buddies asked me too go on some deer drives with them and met a bunch of people who I have never hunted with before (which made me a little nervous at first) but...
  10. D

    Deer sightings this week........

    With the talk of reduce deer #'s I am curious to see what everyone has seen this week (if you have been out). I hunted with my father yesterday all day and this morning. Here's what we saw.......... Wednesday morning Me- 0 Father- 1 doe Wednesday evening Me- 2 doe Father- 3 (including...
  11. bowhunter1023

    The Hunt for Moe: Week 3

    It’s been a while since I have mentioned much regarding my hunting and how things are shaping up with Moe. With the different approach I am taking this season (not hunting much in mid-October) there comes an inherent “worry” as to what is happening in the woods. Thankfully, I have developed a...
  12. bowhunter1023

    Week in review: 8/28 through 9/5

    Nothing exciting this week other than a lack in Captain Jack sightings. Largely a disappointing week other than seeing the young fox running around the farm has managed to allude the coyotes so far. Then there is the same old same old from Moe... This is a great look at his body. It's...
  13. bowhunter1023

    Week in Review: 8/20 to 8/27

    After a couple worthless weeks on the cams, it felt good to check them yesterday and see that things are picking up. I made several moves last weekend and I was pretty pleased with the out come across the board. The only major disappointment was not getting pics of the buck that was leaving some...
  14. So. Ohio Outfitters

    anyone going next week

    anyone going bowfishing by anychance next week?
  15. Archertl

    Bad Week For Releases.

    I lost my Stan Shootoff while stalking through some thick cover this weekend. I'm still really upset about that. Then I found out my back up release a TRU Ball Pro Diamond Extreme caliper wont open when i press the trigger. The combination of which ruined my chance at getting a bear this...
  16. bowhunter1023

    FUBAR of the Week...

    I'm a dumbass... :smiley_blackeye: Now that I have that out of the way... Here is my submission for "FUBAR of the Week" when I should be doing my usual "Week in Review" segment! :smiley_boos: I was pumped all week about checking cams this weekend for a few different reasons. That was quickly...
  17. bowhunter1023

    Week in Review: July 31 - August 7

    Not the best week I have had and I'm a little pissed about it. I had a coon run up the tree and turn the BEC on Hippie Ridge early in the week, so it cost me some awesome shots of Captain Jack and Moe together. The picture count was down 50% this week and one cam I was expecting good things...
  18. bowhunter1023

    Week in Review: July 24th through July 31st...

    This was the first check of all 7 cams for me and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the performance of the SpyPoints so far. Although the cams were void of anything special, I was happy to see the trigger speed and the sensitivity of the SpyPoints were very competitive with other cams I have...
  19. bowhunter1023

    What a week!!!

    I've been holding off on posting pics of Moe on the public side out of fear for the wrong people seeing it and I'm still a little worried about that to be honest. But at the end of the day, I love sharing these pics with everyone, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that no one of "interest" happens...
  20. CJD3

    Got to fly w/ "J" last week

    Had the honor of flying with "J" last week in the jump seat! Got a photo and some audio for you guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reRRgEET6Kw