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Baiting Mature Bucks.


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Keene, OH
@Jackalope - I am hopeful that you're correct

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Sgt Fury

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I see this often here in Jersey…I believe it’s from bucks fighting and the antlers taking off chunks of fur. It always seems to be in that same spot…if it were parasites, it would be in other places as well. I’m guessing in a knock down drag em out fight, their necks get twisted around and the antlers dig into the fur.
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Keene, OH
'Baiting Mature Bucks' is why I posted as he kinda claimed the area, plot and feeder and if he was big enough to shoot for the hunter, gave plenty of opportunity.

"Someone..." foul tipped...
Another buck...
Another hunter...
Peterman himself...
Ticks and parasites...

Thx for the opinions - partially why I put this up here.

Two bucks I've shot had antler punctures that you couldn't see from outside but had large ~ 1 cup of puss and nasty goo in the muscle that got gored, one shoulder and one ham. Neither wound was suppurating.

The R side looks sliced / shaved to me with a flap laying over it, a layman's opinion, the L side shows a small entrance. Could be any of the culprits above.

Regardless- good fun watching a nice buck pushing a doe all over the plot.
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You've got to be consistent this time of year, which means making corn runs at odd times of day and using lunch breaks to get it done. I made a lunchtime trip to the farm yesterday for the first deposit of corn in an attempt to get my oldest daughter a chance at her first deer on the farm this weekend. I went out in the nasty wind and rain at 7AM this morning to refresh behind the house knowing they'll want to eat after this front and it just so happens we can hunt tonight. We set the table, we'll see who comes to dinner!



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It's also super common for bucks in ag country to be missing hair there from crossing under fences all the time. I see it occasionally around here and have always chalked it up to fence crossing or back scratching.

Here's to fences...


I see the bare back thing often on the bigger bucks around here. I have several documented with those bare spots as well, front top shoulder of the back area, just like the others already have shown in previous posts.