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Baiting Mature Bucks.


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In the words of Bruce Buffer, "IT'S TIME!!!" Time to refresh minerals and set the blind, camera, and bait behind the house this weekend. I've seen 3 shooters within 3 miles of the house this week, including last year's target, so it could get interesting here soon!

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I’m right there with ya man! Seen some real good ones lately and am going to try to get out Sunday to replenish four mineral sites and hang a few stands as well as put a blind out
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NW Ohio
Wishing you all the best of luck. Hope it works for you this year. No sarcasm. No bashing. Just sincerity. I'll just go sit in a tree as often as possible. Sort of disgusted in myself. I don't even have the desire to pull the cams I put out last year. I need to start getting excited or season is going to be here. Lol