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Big Holla Family’s Season - Covid Style

Well the neighbor dad to the one daughter (2 doors down) brought her and a brother/sister over from another family last night. Found out the reasoning why they blazed a trail through my place and the other neighbors in between as the brother/sister live on the road opposite ours, through the woods. They had asked my next door neighbor but didn't ask us or a few others. The trail blame was put on the girl from 2 doors down, she was supposed to get the permission. The torn up food plot was admitted to by the boy, no reason given other than he was just having fun.

They all apologized, especially the girl from 2 doors down. Funny thing though (as this was the first time I met this neighbor dad) we got to talking about hunting. He had just gotten back from N. Dakota after killing a dandy mule deer when all this happened. So after a few picture shares, several deer stories and a couple handshakes everything was taken care of.
Terry and I celebrated our 23rd. Anniversary this past weekend up in the UP of Michigan. We stayed at the Soo (Sault Ste. Marie) which is where I went to college and both always enjoyed visiting. The Soo Locks have been a family favorite to see with so many memories up there. Enjoyed good food, sights and spending time together, yeah somehow after 23 years she's still there with me LOL!!

Time to update this. Saturday Allen and I went up to some Michigan state land my dad and I used to hunt years ago. Was good walking through the areas my dad used to sit most and I was surprised how many memories it brought back even though it has changed a good bit. There were acorns literally everywhere as we walked, all black oak but a lot were the size of golf balls. The few white oaks we went by didn't seem to have acorns this year though. As we eased back toward a bigger river we decided to do some Hunting Public scouting and eased along the edge of the river popping up on each finger to see what kind of deer sign we could find along the way. We found a couple rubs, some good bedding with old rubs and learned a lot about this part of the land we rarely ever went to back in the day. Definitely some good bedding along there and at one point we bumped a single deer, didn't see it though. As we eased up to where it was we found several beds and old rubs. Definitely a good spot for the future just tough to get to unless we had a canoe or headed there way before daylight. We eased up a bit further where the main ridge line formed a point that was gradual right at a bend in the river that turned away from the ridge. Definitely more sign there and it only got thicker back further so we set up for the evening. We sat about 80 yards away from each other. Was perfect weather to get out finally and as it got darker boy did the temperature drop. Was dead silent for the most part other than distant shooting and occasional road noise. Allen was able to see a big group of turkeys come through but I was only entertained by a couple squirrel and a tiny mouse.

The first sit ugly mug shot.....



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