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Birds and yard critters


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Finally got around to pulling my backyard camera card awhile back and had these visitors back by my targets back in late February.
Screenshot_20220604-135442_USB Media Explorer.jpg
Screenshot_20220604-132919_USB Media Explorer.jpg
Screenshot_20220604-132851_USB Media Explorer.jpg


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Keene, OH
I finally got a good colony of Purple Martins this spring/summer and have been enjoying them in the AM before it gets too hot.


This AM was the same except a large pod of dolphins was hanging around blowing up after mullet every so often. I saw one getting ready to get after one and got a decent capture of a 150# or so flipper getting breakfast right in my bayou backyard.

Okay - Did a trick to make Youtube post the video as regular instead of the "Short" but the processor here or feeding it doesn't like it so you have to click watch on youtube... unless it's coming thu on others browsers...

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