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chew, snuff, chaw, dip, etc


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Damn, I forgot about this thread!! I am still clean. I crave snuff every once in awhile but I haven't bought a tin in a long time. Even if I have over the past year, I have been lucky to chew it in a day or two and then leave it be for months!

Good stuff staying off it boys!


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In a bar
Today will make it 14 days. I was worried about camping, but I made it 2 nights without a smoke. Feels weird to wake up and not be hacking all over after a good day of drinking. Last night was probably my hardest battle so far. No one would've know but me...I didn't cave to the demon though.
But if you all quit dipping how will I be able to buy grubs for fishing?!?!

Mail Pouch makes great bug killer too!

Back in the day I played a fair amount of baseball then softball. Guys would wrap their chew in bubble gum for crying out loud! I always had a big chaw in my mouth when playing and never spit either. But mine was pepperoni!


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This is a great thread that I hadn't ever seen until today. I am somewhere around 60 days without a dip. Haven't had too many rough days either where the cravings really got me. Somewhere around mid February I had just had enough. Got through the weekend and kept rollin. I try not to think about it too much but reading through threads like these is affirmation for me. I've "quit" before several times but I have never felt this confident about it. Fingers crossed it's for good.